Indicators on guinea pig urine color You Should Know

If the guinea pig certainly has blood in its urine, This is a results of a ailment somewhere in its urogenital program.

Guinea pigs like to burrow and conceal, so a soft and absorbent bedding like fleece or paper bedding is good.

@coconutty78 , I'm leaving the incorrect information and facts to ensure Other individuals can see it, along with the correction.

When your guinea pig has white urine as a consequence of a medical affliction, therapy alternatives will depend on the fundamental trigger. Your vet may possibly prescribe medication, conduct surgical procedures, or endorse dietary improvements to handle the problem.

Chopping on the drinking water intake of one's piglet would switch its pee to pale yellow. But if it doesn't, you must Make contact with your veterinarian.

The cage is usually cleaned at home, or taken to the facility that includes a cage cleansing services. Possibly just one will probably be efficient and will make the house happier and much healthier for your pet.

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If anticipations are these kinds of that taking away part of the ground is just not necessary, or maybe the stains are more superficial, there are actually possibilities. Sand off any remaining finish to reveal the extent in the stain. This could also expedite the cleansing/bleaching process, as the many Wooden grain is uncovered. It may support to tape off the destroyed region to avoid bleaching of the unaffected region. Brush on straight hydrogen peroxide (occasionally named "blond inside a bottle") and permit it to dry.

By understanding what color is typical for your personal guinea pig’s urine, it is possible to promptly discover any adjustments which will signal a challenge. This information can help you catch health issues early on and seek out veterinary care right before they come to be additional critical.

Urine acquiring cloudy or milky shades is balanced for guinea pigs as much as some extent. Excess of calcium precipitate and lowered urine written content causes sludge or thick paste. Guinea pig suffering from calciuria releases thick and milky urine. It truly is harmful if remaining untreated. 

Have you been noticing blood as part of your guinea pigs’ urine? It’s confident a thing being alarmed, or perhaps you are only receiving worried above almost nothing? Perfectly, this post is going that will help you have an understanding of your dog far better.

Also, source only foods with low calcium. If there isn't any apparent progress within just a couple of days, be sure to Verify together with your veterinarian.

The main reason your guinea pig’s urine great site is white or cloudy would be that the animal’s diet plan contains an excessively substantial amount of calcium.

Depending on the temper on the guinea pig and the kind of fabric your apparel is made from, it could be a difficulty.

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